Saturday, September 19, 2009

Some Haikus

Theme: Reminiscence

This butterfly clip,
That I tucked in her moist hair,
Now pricks, blood oozing...

Twinkle of her eye,
Auburn hair, I tucked behind,
Pleasant reveries...

A pitter patter,
Of rain drops, fall on my face,
And tears mingle in it...

Under the banyan,
Closed eyes, she said her prayers,
I stared, still staring…

Sweaty hands rubbed on,
Her embroidered handkerchief,
Still smells just the same…

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Circumference-d woman Part IV

I don’t see the same spot
No more I am there
Yet the moment lives
With sepia reminiscences
And orange sunsets
And amidst honking horns
A silence creeps
Banters recollected
Bitter curt replies
And sweet nothings
Some forgotten flashes
And some revivals
And a new beginning
Of a suspended knot
Lost and gained
And gained and lost
But always will stay
In mind’s eye
That acknowledging wink…