Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Utopian Cockaigne

At the luxuriance of the dining table
Idleness and gluttony natters,
Tittle-tattle tales and gossipy rendezvous
Sugar, cake, pastries, cheese and wine…

Mild weather and free-flowing sex,
All worldly pleasures at hand,
Non-ascetic and superfluity,
And fulfillment of all wishes

Blindfolded Contentment
In their Utopian Cockaigne Land
Ignorant blinkers
To hell with the world

A corroborated harsh truth,
Goliards verse, I sing again.

Rain Forest

The distant sight
Of a crane in the woods,
Where I once plucked mangoes
And the gardener running after me,

I would paint alfresco,
Of the lush dense forest trees,
And now I see,
A squirrel running on the land of her lost home

Euphonious sounds of the birds in bevy,
Still echo in mind,
I take a sudden 360 degree turn
The drilling machine drills further

I wander away, disconcerted
By this sudden sense,
Of having been cut…
The axe hacks my torrid emotions

Under my tutelage,
It grew tall more than I could see,
For them, a mere bagatelle,
Callous intentions, a leaf dead…

My precious tear died on my cheek,
Fingers crinkled,
And I ran to embrace,
The bark of my soul…

Men moved away,
As I clung to conserve,
And vociferous voices swirled,
As slogans reverberated in the air…

We all hugged,
A woman’s love to keep a forest…
And the joy of,
Traversing in deep woods…

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Day in the life of...

Under the dearth of a rolled out newpaper at my doorstep,
With lines that upheavel my pyred emotions,
Riots, suicides, downtroden economy and a glorified page 3,
Ah! what a platter of contemplation for my senses,
My morning tea couldnt have tasted better,
Musings of my mind along with the bombardment of information
That stales my already cluttered brain,
which chats itself in front of my slow processing dumbfuck laptop
Ignition blast of my mind...
and I return home through a well defined keyhole,
I instruct my pillow to sleep,
and my vector charges itself,
through a dust-laden plugpoint,
Closed eyes draw some red grunge circles,
ring tone rings,
and a splatter of to-do list for tomorrow springs up,
I laugh at myself and appraise my strong organizational skills
I shut my eyes,
visualize the amount I punch in at the ATM,
Its late- 2.00 pm!
A breathe in concentric circles evapourates in the air,
My pillow has one more sleepless night,
Hobson's choice - I have taken it!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sea Shell on the Sea Shore

With dusty sea shells,
Enclosed in his little fist;
He gazes,
And wishes to fly…

His sand-laden bare feet crouching to feel the excitement;
On seeing the red helium balloon go up in the air

Closing his one eye,
He looks within the sea shell,
A hollow nothing,
And the orange horizon beyond

He builds a sand castle and sticks his priced possession onto it,
As proud as if he would actually stay in it!

Torn Adidas t-shirt; he adores himself -
Looking in the small mirror hung
At that ice-cream stall,
He smiles and a million stars in his eyes…

Imaginations fly in concentric circles as the sun immerses in the blue waters
An encroaching wave washes away the castle; he glares - smile intact…

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Circumference-d woman

They hugged
Beyond the glistened window pane
That my eyes envisioned
A crow unnoticed; cawed
Silence grew deeper
Ok. Subject Change. -
“New arrivals”
The librabry stack was named
My mind still rubbing on some old memories…
A stranger's standstill
Like the stroke of the wind
Was passing
My Gaze intact
All passed but one
Hmm, (a deep breath)
A stroke,
Came and gone
And I have lost
That acknowledging wink…

Friday, September 5, 2008


An attractive proposition,

Greed Glorified!

An indicator of stocks and

a predictor of your fate

Bullish or Bearish

On life's double edged sword

Trend analysis of;


What is the 'intrinsic value of,

Deeper self?

Sensitive Index

Or Sensitive souls?

Invest some in your own piggy bank,

Returns, galore…

Monday, May 19, 2008

Novels: Fountainhead by Ayn rand and The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Comparative study identifying similarities and differences in the story-pattern, cultural backgrounds, graphs of main characters, style, mood etc.

About Fountainhead: It is a book that has lasted an unforgettable imprint in the minds of millions of people with its theory of objectivism. The story narrates the journey of an intransigent young architect and his battle against conventional standards. The fountainhead deals with the timeless, fundamental, universal values of human existence. It creates and projects an image about the things not as they are, but things as they might be and ought to be. The fountainhead, in its essence, is the projection of an ideal man.

About The Alchemist: The book which has changed the life of millions through a simple yet striking magical story has become the favorite of many across the globe including me. Very few fables have the capacity to have some kind of mystic influence on your life through words that reach your soul and this book is surely one of them. The author Paulo Coelho indeed knows to convey his message to the world and motivate people to follow their dreams in a beautiful and an effective way. The story has some true hidden pearls of wisdom that has helped it achieve the status of a ‘modern classic’.

Similarities and differences in the story pattern:

The underlying idea behind both the novels remain the same that an individual’s dream are most important in his or her life and that no one cant stop him or her from achieving the same. Both the books have strong profound philosophies which are woven under a beautiful structure of story. Both, the Fountainhead as well as the Alchemist are an eye opener about the purpose of our life, our objective of our being and the essence of a dream in our life. The books do not directly preach any didactic moral lessons; however they surely inspire us to follow and tread on to the path of our ambition and will, which we lay for ourself. Both the books make an individual believe in one-self and invigorate our faith in us. The books lay stress on passion and ambition and its upshot in ones life.

However as we consider the differences in the story line, we realize that a complete different treatment is given to the two books. The background, number of characters, the setting etc is quite different. Fountainhead involves a lot of characters in the story and the book makes a reader realize the importance of human’s reasoning mind. It portrays people with diverse personas. The book challenges one to think against the old hackneyed morals and principles created by the society. At the same time Alchemist is a book that edifies us about the basic understanding of listening to our hearts. Alchemist truly reflects on to the old adage ‘work is worship’. He feels that the quest of a dream and its journey gives one that heavenly experience to feel God. What makes Alchemist different as a book is the use of stunning metaphors, striking symbolisms and remarkable imagery to narrate a simple story. Fountainhead is more of a reality book where as Alchemist is book one dreams to be in. Both the books teach us to follow our dreams in such different yet striking manner.

Similarities and differences in cultural backgrounds portrayed in the books:

The cultural background is an important part of a book. Each individual has an identity, and the cultural background is a part of a person's search of their true identity. While fountainhead is typically based in the backdrop of the New York City; Alchemist is a story of a shepherd wandering around the countryside of Andalusia in southern Spain. Hence both the books surely differ in the cultural backgrounds.

Fountainhead is a book that is commonly perceived as rebellious in opposition to cultural practices and moral values of the society. The book preaches the significance of individuality and own creativity. Fountainhead, with the help of a story, lets people know that one does not need to fear society and let its flaws hinder the integrity of a person. That one should not compromise on ones own work for the sake of society. The American culture in the book very much surfaces on the ground when Dominique is ready to sleep with Gail Wynand only if he gives a building project to her husband, Peter Keating. Also the denunciation of the Stoddard temple (it bearing a nude sculpture of Dominique) shows how culture plays an important role in the society.

The word Alchemist refers to a person who practiced alchemy. Alchemy was an early form of discipline of the exploration of nature, philosophy and spiritual sect in a metaphysical manner. Hence the cultural references to the ancient parts of Egypt in olden days are found in the book. The deserts and the pyramids of Egypt and the tribal village are some of the hints to the culture of those places. The Arab that believes in good omens, the gypsy fortune teller, the tribal wars, the reference to Allah (God) etc all these depict the Arabic or the ancient Egyptian culture.

Similarities and differences in graphs of main characters:

The book fountainhead has some very strong characters. In fact the book is divided into four sections each dedicated to a particular character namely; Howard Roark, Peter Keating, Ellsworth Toohey and Gail Wynand. Howard Roark is a character that has impressed and influenced millions of people. The character is idyllic is all sense. Roark is a man that does not compromise on his ideas, creativity and will. He lives his dreams passionately and does not sacrifice them for anyone or anything. Roark is a character with a sense of enormous expectations from self. In the book Alchemist, the main protagonist Santiago too gives up shepherding to follow his dreams very much like Roark. In both the books, the character of Roark and Santiago have many similar traits. Even though Roark is an aspiring architect residing in the west and Santiago is only a small time shepherd living in the far countryside of Andalusia, Both Santiago as well as Roark are not just hardworking towards their goals but they also live life with passion. Both Santiago and Roark enjoy a certain kind of lonliness in their life and yet they remain helpful to people they meet acroos in life. In the case of Roark, he remained helpful to Peter Keating and Santiago helped the crystal merchant.

Similarities and differences in Style:

Both the books differ drastically in the way the story is narrated to the reader. Alchemist is a book that is based on fate, dream, love and spirituality whereas Fountainhead inspires people to follow their ambitions passionately. Alchemist is beautifully written with a lot of metaphors and symbols. For example the good omens play a key role in Santiago’s fate and the philosopher’s stone or the Elixir of life representing the soul of the world. Coelho’s writing indeed is beautifully poetic and soothes to ones senses. On the other hand, Fountainhead is a book written so effectively that its philosophy stays with the reader life long. Fountainhead and its language style is wordy and yet so terse. It tends to answer questions like what is our basic objective, what is rationale behind our existence etc. The way Ayn Rand has presented the book; it has been an eye opener about the purpose of our life and objective of ones being. Fountainhead is truly a celebration to ones senses.

Even though both the books differ in their narration, plot, setting and style, the essence or the core of following ones dream against all odds remains the same. The Alchemist as well as Fountainhead, both books have had a life enhancing impact on millions of people across the world!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Self with your self

Let go
And yet it seems ‘binocular-ed’

Myopia cured
Unseen surrendering

Refractive errors solved

A pep talk with your chi

Feeling of a red colored helium balloon
going against the gravity

A prescription
Learn silence to hear

A predictor of your own thoughts

Hyperopia of acerbic opinions

A divine ego

Concave awakening

The non synthetic yarn

Enclosed enlightened abyss

The voyage

Sun sinking boat fading away
The radiant in your eye

A vibration in you

Unison of sounds


A survived love

The planet is yours…

Monday, March 17, 2008

A child is born!

He done to me,
And I only stood there.
My “A” was crooked,
Or perhaps there was;
A swirl in my heart,
Should I whisper?
Or? ...

I just wanted to blurt it out…
I did,
My doll listened,
But kept mum
And keyhole was small,
The burden of key, heavy,
I glared at eyes behind,
Spectacles showing a shadow,
Of a window,
Where I would stand,
Nursery rhymes of
A garrote mind!
Chocolate smell is a reminder
- My ‘glory’ days!
Frocks and frills,
Twists and twirls,
My pink water scale,
My two pony tails,
My quandary,
My life- long misery…

Sepia images I see,
Flashed in that perfect hue
If ever I could cope,
This enduring dint
Nervousness, fright, hysteria…
He done it,
I question as,
Here I stand,
With my baby in my arms,
Am I happy?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Drunk and Dazzled

Have sounds reverberated within?

Lately, I found a new whisper of words.

A lily fluttered in the air,
A muted conspiracy,
Of the foliage on my way.

A perfectly honeycombish feeling,
With the mushiness rooted at the core.

A wrong fall of the curtain,
And newpaper-wraped mirror,
A painted dry leaf and neon-lit faces;
A butterfly tattoo; half covered.

A Mathematical derivation,
Of variable consonants in heart.

The secrets of baked glances.
An uncombed strand of hair,
And a slide on the eye-lash.

A sojourn;

A dwell in my soul

A dip-stick of the love mousse

An inchoate sense and encrypted words,
Blown in the sweet aroma of my half filled glass.

A dance of the delicate nerves,
A phantom of enchantment,
Twirling along with the stirrer.

Strings of guitar,
Looking alike; but
Distinct only when heard.

A red lamp,
Made out of her rags…
A tuck pin,
A clearer vision...

To feel her potato joke giggles,
And fall down laughing,
With hazy images of her earring,
And a yearning to numbness...

A pool-glide within,
It just;
Takes me away...

I choke and strangle for my usual breath,
Oh! The feeling is yet inexplicable!