Saturday, March 29, 2008

Self with your self

Let go
And yet it seems ‘binocular-ed’

Myopia cured
Unseen surrendering

Refractive errors solved

A pep talk with your chi

Feeling of a red colored helium balloon
going against the gravity

A prescription
Learn silence to hear

A predictor of your own thoughts

Hyperopia of acerbic opinions

A divine ego

Concave awakening

The non synthetic yarn

Enclosed enlightened abyss

The voyage

Sun sinking boat fading away
The radiant in your eye

A vibration in you

Unison of sounds


A survived love

The planet is yours…

Monday, March 17, 2008

A child is born!

He done to me,
And I only stood there.
My “A” was crooked,
Or perhaps there was;
A swirl in my heart,
Should I whisper?
Or? ...

I just wanted to blurt it out…
I did,
My doll listened,
But kept mum
And keyhole was small,
The burden of key, heavy,
I glared at eyes behind,
Spectacles showing a shadow,
Of a window,
Where I would stand,
Nursery rhymes of
A garrote mind!
Chocolate smell is a reminder
- My ‘glory’ days!
Frocks and frills,
Twists and twirls,
My pink water scale,
My two pony tails,
My quandary,
My life- long misery…

Sepia images I see,
Flashed in that perfect hue
If ever I could cope,
This enduring dint
Nervousness, fright, hysteria…
He done it,
I question as,
Here I stand,
With my baby in my arms,
Am I happy?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Drunk and Dazzled

Have sounds reverberated within?

Lately, I found a new whisper of words.

A lily fluttered in the air,
A muted conspiracy,
Of the foliage on my way.

A perfectly honeycombish feeling,
With the mushiness rooted at the core.

A wrong fall of the curtain,
And newpaper-wraped mirror,
A painted dry leaf and neon-lit faces;
A butterfly tattoo; half covered.

A Mathematical derivation,
Of variable consonants in heart.

The secrets of baked glances.
An uncombed strand of hair,
And a slide on the eye-lash.

A sojourn;

A dwell in my soul

A dip-stick of the love mousse

An inchoate sense and encrypted words,
Blown in the sweet aroma of my half filled glass.

A dance of the delicate nerves,
A phantom of enchantment,
Twirling along with the stirrer.

Strings of guitar,
Looking alike; but
Distinct only when heard.

A red lamp,
Made out of her rags…
A tuck pin,
A clearer vision...

To feel her potato joke giggles,
And fall down laughing,
With hazy images of her earring,
And a yearning to numbness...

A pool-glide within,
It just;
Takes me away...

I choke and strangle for my usual breath,
Oh! The feeling is yet inexplicable!