Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Day in the life of...

Under the dearth of a rolled out newpaper at my doorstep,
With lines that upheavel my pyred emotions,
Riots, suicides, downtroden economy and a glorified page 3,
Ah! what a platter of contemplation for my senses,
My morning tea couldnt have tasted better,
Musings of my mind along with the bombardment of information
That stales my already cluttered brain,
which chats itself in front of my slow processing dumbfuck laptop
Ignition blast of my mind...
and I return home through a well defined keyhole,
I instruct my pillow to sleep,
and my vector charges itself,
through a dust-laden plugpoint,
Closed eyes draw some red grunge circles,
ring tone rings,
and a splatter of to-do list for tomorrow springs up,
I laugh at myself and appraise my strong organizational skills
I shut my eyes,
visualize the amount I punch in at the ATM,
Its late- 2.00 pm!
A breathe in concentric circles evapourates in the air,
My pillow has one more sleepless night,
Hobson's choice - I have taken it!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sea Shell on the Sea Shore

With dusty sea shells,
Enclosed in his little fist;
He gazes,
And wishes to fly…

His sand-laden bare feet crouching to feel the excitement;
On seeing the red helium balloon go up in the air

Closing his one eye,
He looks within the sea shell,
A hollow nothing,
And the orange horizon beyond

He builds a sand castle and sticks his priced possession onto it,
As proud as if he would actually stay in it!

Torn Adidas t-shirt; he adores himself -
Looking in the small mirror hung
At that ice-cream stall,
He smiles and a million stars in his eyes…

Imaginations fly in concentric circles as the sun immerses in the blue waters
An encroaching wave washes away the castle; he glares - smile intact…