Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sea Shell on the Sea Shore

With dusty sea shells,
Enclosed in his little fist;
He gazes,
And wishes to fly…

His sand-laden bare feet crouching to feel the excitement;
On seeing the red helium balloon go up in the air

Closing his one eye,
He looks within the sea shell,
A hollow nothing,
And the orange horizon beyond

He builds a sand castle and sticks his priced possession onto it,
As proud as if he would actually stay in it!

Torn Adidas t-shirt; he adores himself -
Looking in the small mirror hung
At that ice-cream stall,
He smiles and a million stars in his eyes…

Imaginations fly in concentric circles as the sun immerses in the blue waters
An encroaching wave washes away the castle; he glares - smile intact…

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