Monday, March 17, 2008

A child is born!

He done to me,
And I only stood there.
My “A” was crooked,
Or perhaps there was;
A swirl in my heart,
Should I whisper?
Or? ...

I just wanted to blurt it out…
I did,
My doll listened,
But kept mum
And keyhole was small,
The burden of key, heavy,
I glared at eyes behind,
Spectacles showing a shadow,
Of a window,
Where I would stand,
Nursery rhymes of
A garrote mind!
Chocolate smell is a reminder
- My ‘glory’ days!
Frocks and frills,
Twists and twirls,
My pink water scale,
My two pony tails,
My quandary,
My life- long misery…

Sepia images I see,
Flashed in that perfect hue
If ever I could cope,
This enduring dint
Nervousness, fright, hysteria…
He done it,
I question as,
Here I stand,
With my baby in my arms,
Am I happy?


Soumya said...

Hmm a pertinent question...

very nice written too.

Rajat said...

Let go and be happy.