Sunday, March 16, 2008

Drunk and Dazzled

Have sounds reverberated within?

Lately, I found a new whisper of words.

A lily fluttered in the air,
A muted conspiracy,
Of the foliage on my way.

A perfectly honeycombish feeling,
With the mushiness rooted at the core.

A wrong fall of the curtain,
And newpaper-wraped mirror,
A painted dry leaf and neon-lit faces;
A butterfly tattoo; half covered.

A Mathematical derivation,
Of variable consonants in heart.

The secrets of baked glances.
An uncombed strand of hair,
And a slide on the eye-lash.

A sojourn;

A dwell in my soul

A dip-stick of the love mousse

An inchoate sense and encrypted words,
Blown in the sweet aroma of my half filled glass.

A dance of the delicate nerves,
A phantom of enchantment,
Twirling along with the stirrer.

Strings of guitar,
Looking alike; but
Distinct only when heard.

A red lamp,
Made out of her rags…
A tuck pin,
A clearer vision...

To feel her potato joke giggles,
And fall down laughing,
With hazy images of her earring,
And a yearning to numbness...

A pool-glide within,
It just;
Takes me away...

I choke and strangle for my usual breath,
Oh! The feeling is yet inexplicable!

1 comment:

Soumya said...

You have a way with the expressions.they just flow and drown you into it..

v nice!