Sunday, December 23, 2007


The hazy pictures of a befuddled mind
The comatose feel of an episodic rhyme…

Spiraling heaves…

Losing of an epicenter…

The balancing act,
The fantasies…
And the facts

The rendezvous dates
The rate of Interests…

A lonely Dine…

The illusion of an empty folder…

The occupational disease
Of the lover’s habitat

A fresco; a fire
A canvas and
An artist’s burning desire…

The ulterior scene of a deceiving ocean
The thin contour separating the feasible fusion

Simple words…

Semiotics simpler…

A juvenile crime
A killjoy
Destruction of the will…

Mind’s eyes wide open
In an alcoholic state of mental condition

Convenience of hollowness
Hiccups and remembrances
A soothing superstition…

Edification, is it?

Soul so sinful…

Pop the question
A quadruple in bed
A nuptial act?

Scattered emotions
Yet draw a regression line

A polygamist
Eases the significant others

A landscape
Some mnemonics
And an everlasting dint

A Miasma

Panoramic pleasure

Of Autism
Of non conformity

The condition of being afloat
Eyes closed

The imagination of the feel
While sky diving

The smell of a tricked death
And an interminable act

Hysterically obsessed

Words are…

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