Saturday, August 6, 2011

In Bruges, In Brussels

A part of me is still there

And will be;

Where I traveled


And walking

On the cobbled roads

Weaving imaginations

With the real

On a moonlit night

With open tresses,

Dancing along the wind,

With bated breath

And eyes closed

I could see the city

And walk on its history

Back and forth in time

With you

Before sunrise…


Preeti said...

even something of me is left in Brugges.. hope to go back someday :)

kkbhatia said...

Very nicely written.

very creative.

brings back memories

in everyone whereevr something

of us we have left behind.

Something of me is in SF.

Why there are no poems after Aug 2011

keep writing.

keep sharing



Poetic Soul said...

loved the way it ended...or lets say that was the beginning!! :)

neha said...

Lovely piece.. love! love!