Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The abstruse

I am the millionth part in this minuscule space where life subsists
My existence is; Only for some counted breathes;
Only for an infinitesimal time in the clock of period
I am just atoms, molecules, and cells
Made of some insignificant rudiments
Is it all that I am ?
Every time I ponder
I am all questions without an answer

They say I am a human
The most superior of the lot
What’s the difference?
Except the carcass
Restless soul I was;
Now and then,
Sometimes inside an amoeba
Sometimes in a tyrannosaurus

Meandering in this cosmos
What more I am to see?
What lies beyond the mind’s eye?
Inquisitive I am, about the unseen…
Enough of rotations and revolutions
Tell me something more
Seas and stars and skies and space
I guess I have had enough of all

The lives that I have lived
From trees to something anthropomorphic
From an ant to some asinine creature
I wonder, I doubt, I question
Does this vicious circle follow,
some sort of schematic structure?
Why a pattern? Why this monotony?
Life and death, Death and life
Bore stiff souls, living sundry stories…

Envisaging the unknown
Irritation at the inability
What lies beyond subsistence?
What lies at the epicenter?
Unable to retort,
My mind stops to reason out
I think about the origin
Read some damn theories
How can something not have an end and a beginning?
Disgruntled; what is the corollary after all?

Are we forever going to circumnavigate?
…Suffering the ordeals in this orbit…
Living like hollow hopeless beings…
Acerbic experiences…
Futile affections…
Momentary relations…
Pointless lives…
Going on unremittingly,
Left behind are memoirs and graves
Some inane carved words on it, I read,
and again I am lost to ponder…

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