Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bridal bane

Dressed in a red zardosi saree,
She was adorned to her maxim beauty.
The maang teeka and the bindi,
Complemented her fear and the fancy
The mehendi and the shehenai,
Celebrated the beginning of “sacrifice”
Symbolically a statue and ornamentally clasped,
Metaphorically a knot, she almost gasped…
Today was her wedding day,
And now on the rose petaled bed, she lay,
A little numbness,
A preferred dumbness,
She was frightful of the forceful,
But amidst somewhere she wanted to be cheerful,
With her illiterate imaginations,
And her corroborated contemplation,
She was waiting for the veil to be unveiled,
Just the way she had heard in fairy tales.
He would come and smile
And sit right besides
Hold her, heal her,
Caress her, comfort her,
Pamper her, talk to her,
Oh! How she all wished,
All those things would slowly happen all night!

Just at that thought, He entered,
Coming up to her,
Without an utter,
He unveiled her
Aggravating her fear,
He fiercely came close to her,
Not the way she softly wanted him to,
He touched her,
Not the way she gently wanted him to,
He lustfully felt her,
Not the way she had dreamt and desired,
He forced her,
She cried,
He slapped her,
She kept quiet,
He raped her
She died her dreams,
Heart ripped off,
Tears melting down,
She was shattered,
Dreams v/s the reality…
She wanted to be loved,
Not used,
She wanted to be his, willingly,
Not vigorously.
There she lay,
Still on the rose petaled bed,
Red, they still were,
But crumpled and creased all over.

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