Wednesday, August 22, 2007

"My bronx zoo"

I have officially titled my house “The Bronx Zoo”
‘Coz everyday I greet a person new,
“Hello Aunty, how do you do?”
Oh! How I hate being this pretentious when I am really so blue!
Apologies for being mean, unkind,
But this everyday thing has taken a toll on my mind!
Let me spill the beans, reveal the story,
I, the zoo, and the “Bronx jury”…
I come from work, enter my “Home, sweet Home” (pun intended)
And there! Someone is always sitting inside my dome!
I have to put this quick Fevistick smile,
And keep all that frustration hidden inside,
Take charge of those honed acting skills of mine,
And greet! “Oh Aunty! Pleasure meeting you! I am very fine.”
The question and the quiz round immediately starts
I become a dartboard, those questions the darts…L
“Are you studying?”
“Where are you working?”
“Where have you been going?”
“What else have you been doing?”
“How have you been commuting?”
“Have you learnt cooking?”
“How much are you spending?”
“How often have you been shopping?”
What and where and how and why….
I have to patiently answer all, don’t ask me why…!!!
After the interval, she starts again, asking my age…
Now I go mad, furious with rage!
Oh no! I know what’s coming up next!
Guys and marriage, kids and sex!
She starts suggesting names of “eligible bachelors”!
Now inside me, a lion erupts, roaring grr… grr..., tearing me apart!
I feel like standing up
Asking such gorgons to leave!
I do stand up too…
Decide to be feverish, and then away I go!
Everyday a new creature,
Everyday a new feature…
Same frustrations,
Just no options,

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