Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Just let me be!

I was sitting beside by window pane
And he entered!
With that highly intolerable synthetic smile
He wished good morning my darls…
Huh! I do not understand
What people find so good about the mornings…!
Anyways, to continue the by-hearted conversation,
He said,
“Hope you are in the pink of your health!”
And I said “No! I am in blue!!”
And he so miserably empathized;
“Oh baby! Do not worry...!
The flowers in your courtyard shall one day bloom too!”
I almost attempted suicide at this pitiable hopelessness
Now what to say!!
“There is no perimeter to gather such contrived sympathizers!!!”
“Everything will be fine. Just relax”
I question my mind “oh really?”
I guess that will be only if you let me detach”!!
“You will come out with flying colors
And then the sky will be your limit”….
Ok then!!!
I sigh and cry on myself;
It’s better to be wandering colorless
Than hearing those golden counsels
Guess this was not enough
Some people can just continue …
Hope indeed floats big time!
He passionately repeated;
Words he must have read in some newspaper
“Where the sun will shine your courtyard
And the stars shall twinkle in your eyes!!”
Let me be silent.
There is no cure for charades and condolence
I can only repeat to my nerves; not to him!
Stop boring me with your humdrum poetries
Tell me something new
Scribble some pragmatic notes
Talk something life-like!!!!!
Or else

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