Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ephemeral bliss

I still recall those glass tinted memories
Golden moments of eternal ecstasy
We wove the unwoven threads
And spoke things unsaid

As long as my heart beat
The door bell rang
And your instincts screamed
My name; in your silent dreams

You opened the latch;
And embraced my soul
My silent breathes swayed
And they said it all!

We clinched like;
We lived our last moment
Lost in cozy feelings
I couldn’t stop the tears flow

You walked on the red carpet;
That I laid for you
Those rose petals craved
For the heat of your stroke

The topsy -turvy world
Got lost with our turns
The Curtains hid all the light
And day seemed like a starry night

You caressed my tresses
And pampered my senses
Though momentary and ephemeral
They were Silver seconds of seventh heaven!

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