Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Vagabond water

A nomad at heart,
With a peripatetic character,
Let me saunter,
Like the vagabond water.

Moor me not,
I am a rambling spirit.
Ephemeral bliss I offer,
In vistas I visit

I drink a little learning,
Dissolving the anodyne pills,
I do make a rainbow,
Not knowing what colors to fill.

Do not turn the faucet,
Trying to control my surges,
I will play the piano,
And strike the chords of my wishes.

I am like a kiosk,
My persona at display,
I narrate some anecdotes,
They come and go each day.

The phosphorous light in me,
Creates deep urges every night,
And I weep unto death,
Not knowing the reason behind…

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