Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Caged Chameleon

She was facing a zillion personality syndromes,
Different people and different tones…
Gorgeous pretentious smile,
And apocryphal stories to say…
She was so artificially air-kissing,
with no real feelings or liking…
She seemed burnt inside,
But her face was charming bright
Her pseudo behavior and character colors
Were hidden just beneath her skin layers
Sure she wanted to be the party cynosure
But it was an anodyne only to cure her
An enigmatic emulator,
She had fabricated facets to her…
She got drunk to subdue her regrets
But claimed to celebrate that we all met
If it is true that eyes never say a lie,
She was all stuffed, choked, wanting to die…
What an irony of the creamy coated layer that she had to her,
Full of pompous glitz and showy glamour!
She was a girl who lived in two worlds
One of life and loneliness,
Other of society and spuriousness…

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