Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The wet soul with the downpour

The first rhythms of rain
Head held high in abeyance
The leaves so much in wanting
For the kiss of the dew drop

The raindrop falls on the lash;
And the water seeping in
Someday it will pour out
And we will call it a "tear"

The smell of the earth
And the moistened heart
The stars shining there;
In my lustrous drenched hair

The rattling pages of my diary
As if his whispers; the wind carrying;
My vanishing acts of love
Like nothing is in it’s wanting

The flutters of the wet butterfly
Creating a hurricane in my heart
So much is invisible to the eye
Without those framed glass

The fragrant dance of the peacock
The yearly bath of the earth
I feel drowsy with these thoughts
Now say that the rainbow reinstalls faith!

My portraits have gone wet
And the alarm clock is in repair
I see my reflection in the brook
Where the paper boat is about to trip

The thunderous clouds feared the fire
The pyre that burnt my locks once
The rain poured outside the window pane
And the fire burnt secretly in a room turn

Do not shut the doors of your garret
Let the pitter patter wet your sanity
You can weep openly all through
And they will think you danced with the downpour!

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