Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Vermillion hues and cerulean cues

I breathed the tang of life
Amidst the gleaming eyes
I ran parallel the river bank
Counting the poplars on my way

The pink wind played its tactic
Flirted with my lustrous locks
It almost made me pensive
Pinning scenes in a aberrant box

My cherry red cheeks blushed
As the blues romanced
Mistily mingling with each other
Secretly, they danced

I saw my wavy cerulean image
In translucent river curves
I made some funny faces
But no but He laughed

I splashed some water on my face
To consecrate me with love
I drew some desperate lines on the sand
It formed an instinctive caricature

I followed the boulevard
And my mind pointer
Life took its twisty turns
And I kept chasing the river…

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