Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The cadence of life

I danced on the cadence of my life;
As He kept singing the garden song,
I fell;
I rose;
I staggered;
Swinging onto my very own rhythmic beats…

I crossed the decades of duties and liabilities,
As I moved along the ant-trail,
I stirred;
I walked;
I followed;
The poetic path He laid for me…

Treading on the footsteps that He had set,
I ambled; as the thorns pricked me;
I bore;
I grew;
I climbed;
The life ladder He gifted me…

At a certain juncture of my voyage
Iniquitous life showed its colors
I lost;
I dissolved;
I vanished;
The Existence I had once established for me…

I burnt my ambitious journal;
And got myself blindfolded;
I stepped;
I stood;
I strolled;
On the corroded carvings of His miracle…

I plunked at the penultimate porch;
Smoothening the rough patch within;
I cleared ;
I brushed;
I cleaned;
My emotions; all from within …

He sent his felon at the periphery
Who had hid in my room besides;
I waited;
I breathed;
I gave up;
As he got me out of the Game…

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