Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Human fools

Some Dish washing soap
Mixed with water and glycerin
Stir it thoroughly
And dip the circular mould in the froth
Be ready to blow
The bubbles of expectations…
They; dear, are going to burst
Sooner or later….
Crappy Soapy bubbles they are…

Fifty two playing cards,
Place it one over the other
Let’s make a pyramid
Pyramid of expectations
You know dear…
You already know
One flick of wild air
And there! They all give up….
Crazy cards, Foolish builders!

Some sand on the beach
Silly kids making castles
Surmounting some thoughts
And protecting them against all odds
There comes; one wash of the tide
Wuthering away all that was built
Funny I find when those kids cry
Clinging on to useless things
Crying over unrealized dreams…

Such are expectations
Always wanting to paint some rosy picture
Ask them: What in hand have you got?
They will show you the thumb and the tongue
Will laugh and make you stand there like a dumb…

They cause freaking mere dream pangs
All time giving spasms and shudders
Expectations rag you
Haunt you
Paralyze you
Kill you.

“Do not expect”
Is what they all advise…
“Do not have desires”
Is what they all say…
I smile and wonder
Do they realize?
That too, my dear,
Is an ex-pec-ta-tion
An expectation out of me:-)

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