Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Pranks in the elfin eyes
And sparkle in the mischievous smile

Two plaits tied with black ribbons
Impish sprite; she was in disguise

Chit chatting in between text books
Finding out the hiding school nooks

Caught by the teacher; giggling
Most of the times she was out – standing!

She bunked periods with acts of dizziness
Chalking out strategies for her monkey business

The school lab was her pet place
Spirogyra and skeleton; her ploy mates

“One notorious minx” she was called
A proficient in throwing paper balls

Teacher’s red inks had died…
With remarks; her calendar filled

Sweets in the uniform pocket entered the mouth
The moment the lecturer turned around

Painting was the all time favorite class
It was the holi for the silly lass….

Counting got at its best in 30 mins of history dose
101 times of “shut- ups” by Mrs. Bose…!

Years of fun passed….
Everyday was like a blast
School days were now converging ….
She was slowly changing….
They said “she was growing”
Now “realizing”….
All those who knew her
Hardly knew her….
Deep secrets were only in her diary
From the open sky
She was entering the aviary……

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