Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Aggravated Frustration

Yet they again preach me;
Didactic lessons of optimism!!!
Aggravating my stance on,
My vacuumed independence

Leave me with my twinges;
Don’t bore me with your weather discussions
I will enjoy my abject stature,
Over your falsity and pretended conversations

Don’t show me the way to the utopian path
Spare me with your feint advices
I can smile with a falling tear
Without your far-fetched enthusiasm

The white ants are building up the void in me
Kindly discontinue your moral torturing
I like sticking onto my own fantasies
Just let me be the weirdest myself!

Do not answer my rhetorical questions; fool!
They were meant to be acerbic;
Stop blabbering those pearls of wisdom;
I had enough to wear them all!

My anguish, my agony, haunts me
I have drank the poison of impatience
No! I do not need an apothecary
Just some moments of solitary harmony!

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