Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Arabesque of the mind

The struggle keeps going
Between me and myself
Mind creating sudokus
And anomalous heart;
Painting rainbows

Constantly nagging;
My inner self
Lost in circles and circles
Of thoughts and stances
Trying to locate the epicenter

The battle drains me out
Psyche; the anvil
Constantly being hammered…
I do things that;
I never wanted to do!

Weird or wonderful?
Its complex to define
Desert rose in heart
And cactus garden
In maniacal mind!!

The cocoa butter life
That I was once living in
Suddenly has vanished
And the bitter crude;Reality
smiles at my doorstep

I muse over memories
A swing on a banyan treeI
recall rose scented finery
That warped up;
the petals of my body

Looking aimlessly at the stars;
My watery eyes twinkle up
I myself don’t recollect
What shine and spark seems to have lost!

Sunflower shadows

in yellow meadows;
Do not remain forever
The harsh sunrays
Sometimes fades away the color!!!

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