Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The surreal dreams

I am surrounded by the repercussions of the havoc inside me
The grand picturesque of my vulnerable existence

I am lost in a crowd that gathers you
And the cloud nine dreams surround me

In the mind; I am wearing this bizarre tiara
And the shining aureole encircling me

The surreal reverie is taking on me
And the mind crowning me like a queen

I am smirking at my own foolish conjectures
And tapping my head to emphasis the veracity

Looking for my old corner that created fond memories
I am trying to nail myself and hang on that wall

I will camouflage inside the motif in that frame;
That hangs there; and be dangled unto death

I am slowly vanishing in an entangled swarm
Screaming to know myself from his eyes

I am excavating to find my lost bed
Giggling away to hide my falling tears

Yet I am grateful to my very own subconscious self
Which loses itself in reality and dreams to fulfill…

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