Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Colours to wear

What color will you wear tonight?
The wardrobe questions their soul

Each mask you can conveniently put on
They will match with the color of your corset!

The jewels too shall harmonize;
With the tinge of red that you always carry

You can smoothen those garden walls with your talks
And enjoy the dive in the air you have blown

Oh! The yellows within sometimes evaporates…
Let the quick-fix purple patch be hemmed…

The colors will amend to suit your changing traits
The hues will darken to hide all your sinister parts

So many colors a day
Every time a new tint,
Every time a new shade

I wonder if they ever catch themselves;
While such games they play!

When will they be peeling off all these colors?
Or will they be fabricated;
To leave a stain on the heart?

Will remorse be disturbing them?
How will they be running away from it?

Probably a new brush to the old soul
Some painting in the exterior
And the deep hollow covered!

Facades and faces
Go along well it seems...!!

We sheathe ourselves so many times
With color masks to our convenience
That sometimes I wonder;
We ourselves do not realize who we are!

What a preposterous existence
So much unworthy of living!

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