Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The taste of a tear

On a hungry road that I once strolled on
My swift blood stopped traveling
A tortuous swirl surpassed lungs and went beneath
Such can be the ability…
Of the sight and the scene
Of a lamp at a lousy corner
Whose mid-night shadow I saw that night
It replicated me in some act
And the pinched heart lay at my feet
I stood to be stable
To ponder and decide
Never to visit a monument twice
It will evoke the magma in you
And memories will haunt
When the mind will work and the feet will rest
Eyes see some dreams
And heart speaks some sotto voce words
About the night
When the moon hides behind the pillow
I opened my scrapbook
And gazed at those stuck coffee bills
I laughed at my nonage deeds
And cried over my emotions
I became a momentary bibelot
And persisted in my room
I looked quite decorative
Yet there was a hollow within…

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