Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The salt of spring

The hint of spring could be heard;
in the whispers of the blooming daffodils
The indigo tone of the sky;
Showing tell-tale signs of the squishiness inside

For those delicate jonquils there;
The yellow meadows gave the perfect landscape
Even we had the seeds in us
But they never united to blossom together

I had spread my February charm in the sea
To pacify those ironical calm eyes
My coiled waves trapped him
And he drowned in the dead sea of love

Fleet of ships were tilting and leaning
Moving to fit the space between my fingers
I vacuumed the room in my hand
And he died there in the windy storm

Spring brought the cyclone in my heart
And it bloomed the flowers in his courtyard
It was the season of growth; of renewal;
The birth of a new life and the death of my soul

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