Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Underground eruption

The seismograph recorded the massive quake,
Earthquake of 6.8 on the Richter scale
The devastated land was of the size of an enclosed palm
Surrounded by red water on the three sides
Brooks and rivulets passed through it
Though dead, it breathed the air of life
The peninsula always lounged in the faulty zone
Zone of high probability of quivers and quavers
The foundation was schmaltzy since eternity
With magnitude and intensity far above the ground
The 5.2 feet building collapsed
The land topography shuddered
Tsunami followed
And the terra firma got vacated…
The soil of the land
Was left in silent solitude
No one ever lived in again
No one touched the wet quaked ground; yet again,
It was no more than an apocalypse
A voyage from a fruitful terrain to an arid desert
No one can play with the tectonic nature of the earth
And the gambling games of God
We are mere puppets;
Dancing to the tunes and the threads of;
Our engraved destiny

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