Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Karmic plays

Probe into the place that’s hidden within,
The mirage of the over-hyped wise mind,
Unlock the surreptitious doors of perceptions,
Dive into the nothingness of the sea of divine

The white horses will wait for thee
And the storm will carry you into the abyss
Deceptive dreams will vanish in the mainstream
And your mortal will burn in the time of a wink

Smile at the italics of a nice resume
Bite yourself at the dawn of each day
Echo the reason of each breathe
Prepare every inhale for the D-day of death

Forget what the fortune cookie says
Win the cheated instincts on a fray
Don’t drift on to the Saturn ring of life
Adjectives cannot describe you in a profile

Let the lion within you roar with hunger
For the flesh of reality; let thy destiny lure,
Live into the thruth of lucid fantasy
The gift of life is your monopoly

The asinine hands of clock have no meaning
They have been taught to move one step further
Entangled in the ennui circle of numbers
They have forgotten the need of a beginning

The omens are stuck deep within
Then why to listen to rules of the thumb?
Karmas get accounted with acts and crimes
Conscience pricks like a needle every time…

Lose your consciousness for a while
Behold the beauty of momentary halts
Ride on your life in high spirits
Sagacious living is after all a myth…

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