Wednesday, August 22, 2007

In the waters of Venice

When are you taking me for a Gondola ride in the quiet waters of the evening Venice?
When the stars above shall shy away to see our silhouettes in the rippling waters

In the dim lights of the wooden gondola, I shall listen to your violin pieces and
Your warmth shall shield me against the cold winds at the pedestrian crossings

In the moonlit darkness, we shall surpass the picturesque bridges and narrow canals
As the dark water will absorb the squishiness inside; the cold ripples will give me jitters

In the traverse, be like Shakespeare and please your queen of Venice with a love poem
Let me get soaked in the historic ambiance as we would stir along the golden lit heritages

With stillness in mobility, our asymmetric lotus will float in the lagoon of Italy and
I would immerse in the sea of your eyes as we would drift across the enchanting city

Marble palaces and stone bridges will create impulsive mesmerism in hollow alleys
Hand in hand we will swiftly glide and stealthy love shall bloom in the Venice waters

Silent weather and the surreptitious affection; you and me and the rowing gondolier,
The time will melt and so will the moonlight, and so much I will cherish our gondola ride…

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