Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Alchemist- by Paulo Coelho

The book which has changed the life of millions through a simple yet striking magical story has become the favorite of many across the globe including me. Very few fables have the capacity to have some kind of mystic influence on your life through words that reach your soul and this book is surely one of them. The author Paulo Coelho indeed knows to convey his message to the world and motivate people to follow their dreams in a beautiful and an effective way. The story has some true hidden pearls of wisdom that has helped it achieve the status of a ‘modern classic’.

Though the story essentially edifies us about the basic understanding of listening to our hearts, what makes this book so striking is the distinctive style and weaving of words that have an everlasting dint on your hearts. This book makes us believe in destiny, destiny that you make for yourself. The book does not directly preach any didactic lessons of optimism; it rather inspires us to follow and tread on to the path of our thoughts and wills that we have laid for ourselves through stunning metaphors and striking symbolisms.

“When you really want something to happen, the whole universe conspires so that your wish comes true” This statement is the arabesque on which the entire book is decorated. It makes an individual believe in one-self and invigorates our faith in us. Coelho wants people to realize that it is in their hands to make the most of their life and that they should not become a prey to their own fate. The author also points out through the character of old crystal seller that those who do not have courage and are afraid of failure live a mediocre life full of emptiness and misery and that such people find comfort only in dreaming rather than putting an effort to fulfill their dreams…

The author uses imagery with such ease and comfort that the book almost takes you along the arid desert along with Santiago, the central character. Passion and ambition is a big part of his life that has inspired him to search for an extravagant treasure in Egypt. The book makes us see life through the passionate and eager eyes of Santiago who has the courage to sacrifice his life in order to fulfill his dreams. This is what I loved about the character because it inspired me to listen to my heart and understand what my existence is all about. It has taught me to be focused on what I want to achieve in life without worrying much about what other people have to think.

“Every second of your search is an encounter with God” This lines makes us believe that all of us have a road to follow, a mission to achieve, that has been made for us by God and that only few people walk on to search their destiny to experience that heavenly feeling, to know what it is to meet God. The symbolic use of ‘elixir of life’ and ‘philosopher’s stone’ for God is precisely done. It adds on to give the alchemy feel to the book. It is interesting to see that Coelho presents the person who denies following his dreams as the person who denies seeing God. It tells us about the strong faith that the author has in God.

With the meeting of characters Santiago and Fatima, the book instills our feeling and faith in love and it tells us that love it is the hub of subsistence and life. It tells us that love helps us to progress and gives us the strength to fulfill all our dreams. “I love you because the whole universe conspired for me to come close to you.” This is what Santiago says to Fatima in the book. Coelho’s writing indeed is beautifully poetic and soothes to ones senses.

The story indeed has the intensity to make us self- empowered, ambitious and motivates us to strive towards our goal in life. The best thing about the book is the challenge that it poses to the reader to follow the dreams in his/her life. The author’s simplicity of thoughts, the unusual setting, and underlying meanings in the book is what makes it an enjoyable reading experience. The reading of the feeling of fulfillment of ones aspirations is what makes this book so extraordinary. Truly, ‘The Alchemist’ has had a life enhancing impact on millions of people!

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